“When I first met Karen over 4 years ago, I had wrongly been accused of money laundering. I didn’t really know what was going on or what I had been charged with; all I knew is that I had placed my life in the hands of Karen and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be able to sit here right now and write this review on her.


Karen and I have worked closely with one another and got to know each other well during this time; there were occasions when I even felt that Karen knew me better than I knew myself whilst I was going through this horrific experience. She felt more like a friend or a mother figure when we would meet up for client visits rather than my solicitor- someone I knew I could rely on whilst my own was poorly and someone who would make all the bad stuff go away once we had spoken about it and resolved different issues or obstacles that got in the way (and believe me there were things that got in the way, even during trial with last minute witness statements!). She was there for me right from the beginning from when we first met up in a local coffee shop, all the way to the end right up until it was time for me to give evidence in Court. It wasn’t typical 9-5 hours either, I knew I could rely on Karen and there were times when I had to message her late at night or on a weekend and I would still get a response. There were also times when I didn’t want to believe that this situation was real or happening to me and even when I didn’t want to hear from her and I would still hear from Karen even if it was her just checking in to see if I had heard anything or if I was ok.


If it’s one thing I have learned it’s that money laundering is a complicated subject that can carry some severe penalties, even for someone who has graduated with a law degree themselves the knowledge behind it is absolutely crazy thanks to the POCA law surrounding it, and it is so important to pick someone that knows their stuff in this ever-changing field because sometimes you can become involved in money laundering without willingly knowing about it; so decisions sometimes have to be made by your legal team (sometimes whether you like it or not in this case by Ian who refused to let me go first on the stand) by someone that cares otherwise that decision can potentially impact your life.


I was extremely lucky to walk away without even a stain on my character and that is why I  would highly recommend Karen and Ian for any case. They were always professional, superb, legally brilliant and easy to work with. Ian in particular was very hardworking and showed tenacity when he fought my corner against HMRC every step of the way; he is someone who is highly effective on his feet with his speeches, always appeared to be on the ball and the most persuasively skilled advocate I have ever met who is fiercely intelligent. I will never forget either of you and I hope we stay in touch (but not in a legal way ever again!)”


I was very fortunate to have found Karen and for her to take up my case, with a very successful outcome, and if you are fortunate to have karen act for you , you will realise she is very experienced and very talented solicitor that puts in 100% always and always finds the time for her clients .  KV