Search Warrants

Karen has acted in many of the leading search warrant cases.  She has wide experience in challenging search warrants and production orders requested by the NCA, Police and HMRC.   They include notable cases of Chatwani, Van der Pijl and Goode.  Her success in Chatwani forced the NCA to review all of their applications for search warrants since its inception and admit systemic errors in their procedures.

If you want to challenge a search warrant or production order you must contact Karen immediately as there are strict time limits involved.  Steps need to be taken immediately to preserve your interests and property.  If you are the subject of a production order or a search warrants or indeed a search under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act contact Karen for clear, strategic advice.

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Warrants, Search and Seizure and Arrest


Karen has developed a personal practice of judicial review of warrants, search and seizures, mutual legal assistance requests and other interlocutory aspects of criminal law. Her cases include the following:


  • R (Chatwani) – v – Birmingham Magistrates Court – successful challenge of search warrants .
  • R (Chatwani) – v – NCA (2) – production order served on suspect’s Accountant procedural irregularity.
  • Chatwani – v – National Crime Agency Investigative Powers Tribunal – order quashed by reasons of breach of duty and candour in obtaining them.
  • R (Akarcay) – v – Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police.  Legality of mutual legal assistance procedures with Northern Cyprus – confiscation orders.
  • R (Goode) – v – Nottingham Magistrates Court.  Timing and judicial review extent to which Section 59, Justice Act and Police Act 2001 can be used for the same purpose as judicial review.
  • R (Van da Pijls) – v – The Crown Court at Kingston.  Warrant quashed because it was not specific.

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Karen Todner is “known to be one of the best in her field,” according to market commentators, who add: “She’s very tenacious and very charismatic.” She is highly experienced in the domain of extradition, and has a well-recognised public profile in relation to this practice area.