High Court Contempt Proceedings

High Court contempt proceedings are a specialist area of law which combines both criminal and civil practice.

Whilst the charge of contempt in the High Court is quasi-criminal, the rules and procedures which govern the proceedings are most definitely civil and are governed by the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).

All those accused of contempt of the High Court are entitled to non means tested legal aid.  Karen Todner Limited has a criminal contract to undertake this type of work.

When legal aid is granted, it is initially restricted to £1,300 including the instruction of counsel.  Of course, extensions to this amount can be obtained.

It is an unusual area of law as intention of commit a breach is not required. It is the act of breach that is important.  The meaning of the court order alleged to have been breached is important and the context in which it was made.

Permission is required from the Court to pursue the allegation of false statements to the court. Karen works with specialist counsel in this complex area of law.  If you need advice please do contact her via her email karentodner@karentodner.com

Karen Todner

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Karen Todner is “known to be one of the best in her field,” according to market commentators, who add: “She’s very tenacious and very charismatic.” She is highly experienced in the domain of extradition, and has a well-recognised public profile in relation to this practice area.