Karen Todner is known as one of the leading extradition solicitors in the country.  She has vast experience in this niche area of law.

In Chambers and Partners 2018 where she is ranked Band 1 it states Karen Todner is “known to be one of the best in her field,” according to market commentators, who add: “She’s very tenacious and very charismatic.” She is highly experienced in the domain of extradition, and has a well-recognised public profile in relation to this practice area.

Her extradition work is internationally known in particular for the representation of the Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon, whom she successfully represented for ten years and secured his release from extradition to the USA.

Karen Todner has undertaken many high-profile extradition cases such as Lauri Love (USA), Christopher Tappin (USA), David McIntyre (USA), Khan (USA), Duchense (USA) the Crete Five and Obert (with examination of Greek prison conditions), Andrew Symeou and Cyprus v Atkinson and Binnington (rights of appeal).

Karen Todner and Gary McKinnon

Karen has taken many cases to the Supreme Court and the ECHR and is responsible for much of the recent case law in extradition cases.  Examples include Goodyear and Gomes (Trinidad) and Antonov (Lithuania).

She has defended many EAW requests from most European countries in particular Poland, Romania, France, Germany, Greece and Italy including the successful defence of Domenico Rancadore (the Italian Mafia man).

She has also acted in other requests as diverse of UAE, Moldova, Russia, Brazil, Paraguay and Thailand.

Karen often works with local lawyers in the Requesting State to reach satisfactory outcomes for her clients.  She is tenacious and knowledgeable.  If you believe you will be, or are, the subject of an extradition request, then give her a call.

Facing extradition can be an extremely stressful time and Karen will negotiate you through the Court process with care and tenacity.

Time limits are very important and short in extradition proceedings and it is very important that time limits are adhered to.  If you require urgent advice on appeal then please do not hesitate to call her.

If you believe that you may be subject to an extradition request and would prefer to arrange a voluntary surrender with the Metropolitan Police Extradition Squad at a time that is convenient rather than be arrested, then Karen can organise this for you.  In particular she can give realistic and experienced advice on the prospects of bail and what is required to obtain bail within extradition proceedings.

Chambers UK guide 2018

Karen Todner is “known to be one of the best in her field,” according to market commentators, who add: “She’s very tenacious and very charismatic.” She is highly experienced in the domain of extradition, and has a well-recognised public profile in relation to this practice area.